/is GoPro worth buying

Is GoPro worth buying?


Is GoPro worth buying, this question might come across every photography enthusiast at least once in their lifetime?. This post is about one of the most talked-about and possibly one of the highest-selling action cameras and if one should invest so much money into it.

This post might even attract a lot of criticism as I know there are a lot of hardcore GoPro fans and I don’t intend to criticize the camera. It is definitely the best action camera in terms of build quality and reliability.

This post is specifically for those people with tighter budgets, teenagers, or anyone else who likes to explore photography but limited resources and desperately wishing to buy their first camera. Just like you, I always wished to buy a GoPro camera during my college days and this was in early 2010. Had seen a few awesome footages on the internet, videos of athletes and adventure sportspeople, and I was dreaming and wishing to buy it but eventually, I decided not to buy the action camera. Though I have not owned the GoPro, I have rented it quite a few times for specific kinds of projects.

So before we answer if GoPro worth buying, let’s find out more about it?. The first main reason is its cost. A decent GoPro costs above 300 dollars/30,000 rs. But when you look at its usability, unless you are a hardcore traveler, filmmaker, or vlogger the chances of you making the most of your camera are very less.

I have met so many people who have purchased GoPro’s and in month’s time, it goes into the shelf. One of the possible reasons is the mobile phone cameras. Phones under 20,000 rs can do everything a GoPro can do.

When you shoot on the phone, it directly gets saved into the memory and you can upload everything instantly. Phone camera’s have become very smart right from clicking wide-angle photos to filming a timelapse. Mobile cameras are giving the performance of DSLR is a common phenomenon in the current scenario. The other downside of GoPro is its battery backup.

The GoPro battery backup is very limited from 2-3 hours maximum. You can connect your phone to GoPro via the app but that will exhaust your battery even faster. There is one more part which everyone seems to ignore including me when I started learning photography is post-production.

Post-production is a very important part of photography and filming journey. Shooting some footage won’t make it a video. You will have to import the videos, then edit them to make a story out of it. Even in photography, one needs to process the images to make them more attractive. Otherwise, your pictures might look dull. All these are time-consuming process and one needs to have a passion for photography and lots of patience to go through this journey. So the bottom line is if you are planning to buy a camera as a hobby or to post on Instagram and Facebook and click some cool pictures in family gatherings and some nice selfies, in my opinion buying a phone with a decent camera is the best choice one can do.

Phone can be used for communication, entertainment like watching videos, games and it can also be used to film and learn. A total package.! The biggest advantage is, you carry your phone everywhere and you have your camera ready in your pocket. Since its a mobile phone, one always keeps it charged and even the worst phone gives backup of 6-7 hours. Phones with a decent camera start from 15,000 INR which can shoot photos, videos, timelapse, and slow-motion just like a GoPro. If you do lot of bike rides and you want to get some videos on the move and if you really desire an action camera then there are other brands that offer almost similar functionality for a much cheaper price. of course, it won’t be as good as GoPro but for limited usage, it will be sufficient. So the math is left to you.

I have been using one plus phones and ever since then I have shot more pictures and videos on my phone then my DSLR 5d Mark3 for my regular travel content and have done some professional architectural shoot as well. You can see some of my work on my Instagram page and my portfolio . Ultimately you need to ask yourself why you want to buy a camera and if you buy, what are you going to do with it. Hope this helps to solve some of your confusion and gives some insights on is GoPro worth buying?.

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