top 10 beaches in udupi

Top 10 beach locations to visit in Udupi district.


Udupi district is known for world-famous temples, mountains, backwaters and beaches. Udupi district gives you unlimited opportunity to explore and each season have its own specialty. Tourists usually travel here during the holiday season and between October to March. Summertime the region gets quite humid like any other coastal town in India. However, summer is the best time to enjoy beautiful sunsets here. What many don’t know about the coast is, how beautiful it looks in monsoon. Usually, people avoid the coast in monsoon due to heavy rainfall but what they don’t realize is how beautiful this region gets in monsoon. Monsoon is the time when farmers here start paddy cultivation. The region which had been completely dried up comes back to life and you will find flowing water and greenery everywhere. Now lets get to the top 10 beach locations to visit in the Udupi district.

1. Malpe Beach

2.St Marrys Island

3.Kaup Beach

4.Kodi Beach, Kundapura

5.Padukere Beach

6.Marvanthe Beach

7. Ottinene Beach,Byndoor

8.Kaup lighthouse

9.Kodi Lighthouse

10.Kodi Sea Walk

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