Is it really worth buying a smartwatch ?

Is it really worth buying a smartwatch? Honor magic Watch 2

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Is it really worth buying a smartwatch? This my review and opinion about buying a smartwatch. I have not gone deep into the specifications of the watch instead I have tried to address the confusion every smartwatch buyer goes through before deciding to buy a watch.

So my journey of doing research and curiosity to buy a smartwatch started to begin almost 3 to 4 months back. Since then I have watched multiple videos on different brands of smartwatches. Each time I see a video I get more motivated to buy one. However, you should read this further to understand how exactly I felt after buying a smartwatch finally.

After so much confusion and research, I finally decide to buy Honor Magic Watch 2 in between the preparation for my wedding and to my surprise, a friend of mine decides to gift me a smartwatch. We both did a lot of research on possibly every brand of smartwatch available in the market. Prices are almost the same in every online platform from Flipkart to Amazon. Don’t believe in their discounts on Amazon and Flipkart. The cost is the same everywhere.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind before buying a smartwatch

1. The most important aspect is the battery back up

2. How good is the display quality

3. How accurate is the sensors that keep tracks of your activity

4. Is it waterproof 5.How good is the body of the watch ( i always prefer a metal body )

6. How good is the belt.

7. Most important call & notification option

so finally after using a smartwatch for the very first time for a week I’ve realized these points

1. Smartwatch with a bigger battery backup is anytime preferable than buying a watch that just gives a one-day backup. It really becomes a pain to keep charging the watch all the time. Honor magic watch clearly wins in this segment

2. Make sure your smartwatch display is good. Otherwise, the experience of using the smartwatch will be compromised. Honor magic watch 2 comes with AMOLED display 46 mm. Again a decent screen with sharp resolutions. The interface is also pretty fast and smooth. Thumbs up on this aspect as well.

3.This factor nobody usually talks about. 95% of smartwatch doesn’t allow you to download and install the different application from play store or IOS which is a big turn off. So if you have a budget and money is not an issue I would definitely suggest buying a smartwatch that operates on android or ios platforms

4. The accuracy of fitness trackers – I am really not sure how accurate these fitness tracker data is. I have not used these features yet and I don’t intend to use them much in the future as well

5. So is it really worth buying a smartwatch? for this, my answer is if you are a tech freak, like cool gadgets and you are an early adopter of new technology, or if you like to keep track of fitness activity then you can definitely go for the smartwatch. Otherwise, the smartwatch is pretty much overhyped and there is so much more scope for improvement. I hope this helps at least to some extent to decide on buying a smartwatch.

If you have more doubts you can leave a comment below and ill try to help you out.

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